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About Us

Although the loss of a loved one is a universal experience, individuals who experience this loss grieve in different ways.  Cooking and mealtimes are often overlooked aspects of grief and daily activities such as eating, meal planning, and grocery shopping can become painful and isolating.  Culinary Grief Therapy: Cooking for One is a grief support group in a culinary setting which empowers individuals to express their grief in healthy, rational, and positive ways. If the thought of cooking for one has been weighing you down, then join us for one of our cooking demos or hands on workshops with professional chefs and grief therapists. 

Our Mission

At Culinary Grief Therapy, we support those who have lost loved ones and who are experiencing difficulty in adjusting to life after loss.  We provide workshops and demos designed to provide coping techniques and life skills necessary for a healthy grief journey.



Who can join


Anyone who has lost a loved one is welcome to participate in the program.  For planning and preparation purposes, registration is required for all demos and workshops.



Contact Us




      Phone: (847) 477-9712


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